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Don’t let a pandemic stop you from getting the medical care you need

new national survey from the Orlando Health Heart & Vascular Institute shows many Americans are putting off healthcare due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The survey found that 67% of Americans pause to make a doctor’s appointment when COVID-19 rates in their area are high. Nearly 60% would think twice before going to the ER. 

The CDC shared similar stats back in September 2020. They also found that people with conditions (like diabetes and high blood pressure) are less likely to get medical help in an emergency than healthy people. 

It can be tough to decide what tasks are worth the risk of leaving your home.

Orlando Health doctors say the chances of catching COVID-19 at a hospital or doctor’s office are pretty low because these facilities have safety procedures in place. They say health offices rank among the safest public spaces out there. 

However there are alternatives to seeing your doctor in-person. You can check-in with a virtual visit or phone call. This may even be a more affordable way to access your care. Your doctor can recommend an in-person follow-up visit if needed.

Delaying urgent medical care can be very dangerous. Always get emergency help right away.

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