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HealthCred News (HCN) is a service of RKI News Network, an independent licensed news service delivering stories of high relevance to specific business and consumer audiences. is staffed by a team of journalists focused on issues facing your health and the health of those you love. The goal is to gather and share timely information – curated from the most trusted, fact-based sources –  that gives context to the latest health care news so you can make important decisions about you and your family’s health and wellness.


We put the spotlight on some of the toughest health care issues facing us today: access to care, the cost of care, legislative decisions, health care innovations and technologies, wellness advancements and more.


We will be successful only if you leave our site with the information you need to help you advance your health care journey.  

Meet the Writers

Lauren Bedosky


Lauren Bedosky is an award-winning health and fitness journalist. She writes for a variety of publishers including Meredith Publishing and Hearst. Her work as appeared in multiple publications including Men’s Health, MyFitnessPal, and Experience Life. In her free time, she paints, runs, and lifts weights. She lives in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, with her husband and their three dogs.

Heidi Wachter


Heidi Wachter is an award-winning journalist and freelance writer, who is a contributing editor for Experience Life magazine and has been published at,,, Finance and Commerce magazine, and Inside History magazine among others. She has written widely about health, wellness, and quality of life topics for over a decade. She is passionate about dogs, health and wellness, travel and adventure, solving the climate crisis, and projects that serve the greater good. She lives in the Twin Cities with her Australian Cattle Dog puppy, Guthrie, where she is developing a podcast and a book.