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Worries over health insurance keep 1 in 6 American workers in their jobs

There are many reasons people stay in jobs they hate. Health coverage is one of them.

In a recent West Health-Gallup poll of more than 3,800 adults, one in six (16%) respondents said fear of losing health insurance keeps them rooted in a job they’d instead leave. 

Black adults in particular are worried about their health coverage. The poll found they’re 50% more likely to stay in an unwanted job than their white or Hispanic counterparts. 

Those who earn an annual household income of less than $48,000 are also more likely to keep their job for the health benefits. Roughly three in 10 (28%) said they wouldn’t leave and risk losing their health coverage. They are also three times more likely to stay put than people in households earning $120,000 or more every year. 

Many people are worried about the rising costs of healthcare. More than half of those polled said they are “concerned” or “very concerned” that health care services and prescription drugs will become unaffordable. 

In fact, more of those polled worry about rising health care costs than about losing their home or job. 

“Health care costs have become so high that many Americans are unwilling to risk any disruption in their coverage even if that means higher and higher premiums and deductibles and sticking with a job they may not like,” Tim Lash, chief strategy officer for West Health, told HealthDay

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