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The 5 best diabetes apps of 2021

Diabetes management is a 24/7 job. And mobile apps can help.

A survey of over a thousand people found that a third of those with type 2 diabetes used the handy tech to control their condition. About half with type 1 diabetes utilized mobile apps as part of their self-care routine.

But the apps are more than trendy. Research shows they also help people with diabetes improve their health.

One meta-analysis found that they helped patients with type 2 diabetes lose weight. 

Another review revealed that using apps led to a .57% drop in average blood sugar levels (also known as A1C) over three months.

Here are five of the top-rated tools for tracking food, fitness, and blood sugar if you have diabetes.

Best overall: BlueStar Diabetes

This FDA-approved, award-winning app is available only by prescription. BlueStar offers real-time coaching from Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists.

Registered users get personalized guidance about their blood glucose, medications, and current health. The goal is to enhance the care given by their medical team.

Available in the Apple Store and Google Play. To activate the app, you will need an access code from an authorized healthcare provider.

Best food and exercise tracker: MyFitnessPal

The popular all-in-one calorie and exercise tracker has an extensive food database. You can log over 14 million foods, and track carbs, fat, and protein by gram or percentage. 

Train like a pro with over 150 guided workouts. Sync up with a smartwatch or over 50 other health and fitness apps. 

You can access a global community to help keep you motivated and accountable.

Available in the Apple Store and Google Play. Free with in-app upgrades.

Best glucose tracker: mySugr

A top-ranked diabetes app, mySugr keeps diabetes data available in one place. Track medications, blood sugar, steps, weight, blood pressure, and food intake in an easy-to-personalize dashboard. Get an estimated A1C at a glance.

Create daily, weekly, and monthly reports that you can share with your medical care team.

Subscription upgrades let you calculate insulin doses and set blood glucose checker reminders.

Available in the Apple Store and Google Play. Free with in-app upgrades.

Best for nutrition: Fooducate

If you’re looking for a nutrition-focused tracker, Fooducate assesses the quality of the food on your plate. Use it to scan thousands of barcodes to view macronutrient values for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The app then assigns each a letter grade from A to D.

If the food scores low, you’ll get alternative recommendations. In addition, you’ll find tips from nutritionists and receive community support.

Available in the Apple Store and Google Play. Free.

Best in case of emergency: Medical I.D.

Medical I.D. might be a life-saving app. Simply set up your medical profile easily and make it visible on your phone’s lock screen. First responders can access this critical information if they have a medical emergency.

The app comes pre-installed on iPhone and is free to download on Android devices.

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