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Special enrollment period now open in response to COVID

From job losses to changing health needs, the COVID pandemic has left millions of Americans in need of affordable health coverage.

To give uninsured Americans a leg up, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) opened a special enrollment period on February 15. 

What does this mean? Between now and May 15, you can enroll in or change insurance plans for 2021 through the platform. 

You can also enroll in free or low-cost insurance programs like Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), if eligible. 

Some states, like California and Massachusetts, don’t use the federal insurance platform. These states have the chance to offer a special enrollment period to residents as well. 

If you live in a state that uses its own insurance platform, check to see your state offers a special enrollment period. 

Not sure what type of platform your state uses? The Kaiser Family Foundation offers a breakdown. Check it out here.    

If you enroll in or update your plan, changes will start on the first day of the month following your plan selection date.

The special enrollment period runs through May 15, 2021. To find out if you’re eligible for the special enrollment period, check here

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